PAFEC VibroAcoustics - 1-3 Composites

The hydrophone consists of parallel piezoelectric rods embedded in a matrix, sandwiched between lower and upper lids. As the hydrophone is symmetric about the x=0 and y=0 planes a quarter model is sufficient.

1-3 composite model

1-3 composite model (without lids)

The PZT5H piezoelectric ceramic rods are modelled with 3D piezoelectric elements.

The matrix and lids are modelled with 3D isoparametric stress elements.

The water surrounding the structure is modelled with an acoustic boundary element mesh consisting of eight noded quadrilateral patches.

This example considers the receive (passive) case for the transducer. Four pair of electrodes have been defined, each a 4 x 4 grid of piezoelectric rods. The earthed electrode of each pair is at the lower z-coordinate.

1-3 composite model (acoustic elements)

Pressure amplitude distribution at 30000Hz.

Displaced shape of structure at 30000Hz.

Displaced shape of structure at 30000Hz.
(piezoelectric rods only)